The Malady of SEVENDIALS: Vol. I


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Intro: A Crisis of Consciousness
1. A Perfect World
2. iFly
3. Redemption
4. Peepolareville
5. Darius in the Abyss


released 31 August 2013

Written, arranged. performed, and recorded by SEVENDIALS
Copyright 2013, NatasLive



all rights reserved


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SEVENDIALS Seattle, Washington

This is what happens when your favorite room in the house is the attic.


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Track Name: A Perfect World
We can go somewhere that only we will know.
Our place with no walls.
So clear your eyes and let the dry what used to be your cries,
your hurts, and your lies.
And stay young, that way we'll live forever long.
We'll never grow old.
And we can dream, and see things as how they're meant to be
in our own perfect world.

Clear your mind.
Those bad dreams will wear odd in time.
The past will unbind.
And breathe in slow.
Just let your imagination flow and from there we will grow.
And stay young, that way we'll live forever long.
We'll never grow old.
And we can dream, and see things as how they're meant to be
in our own perfect world.
It's our own perfect world.
Track Name: iFly
I wonder why I see people cry
and live their lives like they're waiting to die.
I don't live mine to say goodbye.
I know I live and I love to fly.
People try to give their advice,
and ask me to live how they live their lives.
I know misery loves company, and that's fine,
but it's just not for me.
So high I fly,
but with you I'd die.
So high alone, or with you I'll fly so high.
So high.
If judgment comes or if it don't,
I want to live my life with those I love,
I go...I wish...I flow...I move...I ride..
I love to fly!
(Chorus Repeat)
Track Name: Redemption
Know your truth in redemption.
Track Name: Peepolareville (Live)
They go and hang out on Tuesdays just to walk about.
Tensions grow but no one knows
when dreams dies there's nowhere else to go.
Others die by our own cold hands.
We treat them so because we think we can.
But dark skies will swallow us all.
Our hearts have fallen down a souless hole.
Fade out into your cries.
The sun heals, but what is gone has died.
We'll fall the long, long way down.
and in the end we'll hit the hardest ground.
Track Name: Darius in the Abyss (Live)
The terror toy is unemployed
and now he'll melt in his own void,
Raining eyes of evil dolls
fill our streets and kill our dogs.
Because he wished he had a heart.
Now his mind will fall apart.

A smiling face at every turn,
as your hair begins to burn.
Sights of color just flying by.
Just stay calm and you'll be fine,
and ignore the signs of my lost mind.
For the sane, it's hard to find.

Don't say nothing.
Deem the world.
Don't say nothing.
Deem the world.
Leave the world.